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Curbside Pickup

At Gadaleto's Seafood we are dedicated to serving the community and everyone's safety. During this time we are offering curbside pickup to help protect against the Coronavirus. Call now 610-430-7777 and pick up the order curbside.

Fresh Fish

Scottish Salmon Fillet $16.98/LB
Halibut Fillet $25.98/LB
Ora King Salmon $23.98/LB
Tilapia $8.98/LB
Wild Striped Bass $22.98/LB
Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes $7.98/EA
Domestic Red Snapper $22.98/LB
Cod Loin $18.98/LB
Grouper Fillet $25.98/LB
Chilean Sea Bass $29.98/LB
Bronzino Fillet $21.98/LB
#1 Tuna $24.98/LB
Flounder/Fluke Fillet $20.98/LB


Fresh 21/25 Domestic Shrimp$16.98/LB
Fresh U15 Domestic Shrimp $21.98/LB
10/20 Dry Scallops $20.98/LB
U10 Dry Scallops $24.98/LB
Mussels $3.49/LB
Littlenecks $5.49/DZ $20 for 50
Topnecks $6.98/DZ
All Oysters $18/DZ
Fresh Jumbo Lump Crab $42.98/LB also have 1/2 LB containers
Fresh Lump Crab $29.98/LB also have 1/2 LB containers

Cold Items To Go

16/20 Cooked Shrimp $19.98/LB
26/30 Cooked Shrimp $15.98/LB
Lobster Bisque/MD Crab Soup $14.49/QT and $7.50/PT
Potato Salad/Cole Slaw $2.98
Smoked Whitefish Salad $6.25
Lobster Salad $14.98
Cocktail/Tartar/Horseradish Sauce $3.49

Frozen Items

Saku Block Tuna $19.98/LB
Brazilian Warm Water Lobster Tail $33.98/LB
King Crab Legs $35.98/LB
Snow Crab Clusters $19.98/LB

*Prices and availability subject to change